Sister Ida

A few months ago, Lucia del Pasqua and I were interviewing Sister Ida. Both Lucia and I are atheists, and given my background, I always feel a bit uncomfortable talking to people who believe in something that is not tangible. Especially if they are people of marked intelligence like Sister Ida. In fact she has turned out to be an infinite container of very interesting stories.
Starting from the place where she welcomed us: the Missionary Villa of the Immaculate, in Milan. It is a twentieth century villa built next to a fifteenth century chapel. This villa is also called "Villa Triste"(sad palace), because it was used by the band of Koch to torture the partisans. 
Sister Ida is a missionary nun, she lived in Japan where she taught and managed a girls school.  Like all the people who have traveled she is a very open minded person, she is smiling and satisfied with her life. In the photos you can see the chapel of San Siro and while we chat about her experiences. 
You can read more details on Lucia's instagram post, because I'm good at taking pictures but she's the top at telling stories.
Ritratto Suora Ida
Ritratto Ecclesiastico
Ritratto Signora Anziana
Portraits Lucia Del Pasqua Suora Ida
Villa Triste Lucia Del Pasqua
Villa Immacolata
Nun Ida Villa Dell'immacolata